Halloween 2k15

Halloween is officially over for another year! Sad as that is, I wanted to share what happened this year.

At work we did a carnival theme, and I was a scary mime. I wore an all-black outfit and accessorised with bloody black and white fingerless gloves, a sequinned bow tie, and black and red suspenders. I topped off the look with a truly atrocious black and white wig. Below is me on my way to work, for my makeup I did a fairly simple look, just foundation, brows, mascara, and a whole lotta black eyeliner and eye shadow. I didn’t put on the wig until our company decoration judging, when I was promptly shoved and locked into our ticket booth and handed out tickets to ‘Carnival’. ‘No entry without a ticket’ quickly became my favourite phrase. The idea behind this look was just to be creepy – I didn’t want to be a traditional mime (how boring!).IMG_4464

Our work competition was the Friday before Halloween, so this year I also got to decorate my front yard and hand out candy all evening!

Here’s how me and my BFF decked out my place.




A couple weeks before Halloween I popped into the Reject Shop (a cheap dollar store in Australia – not sure if they exist overseas) and got about $30 of Halloween decorations. I got a fake bloody bandaged hand and foot, 4 fake tombstones, a packet of cobwebs with fake spiders, and a cardboard skull on a spike.

The morning of I went through my backyard and picked up a broke shovel, and 4 stakes – no idea why I have those or where they came from – but they worked great as vampire stakes!

I think my favourite decoration was this spooky little doorbell! I managed to scare my friend and a few little kids too!

My neighbourhood really turned up the decorations this year, lots of houses hung fake skeletons, spiders web, and body parts. I didn’t include any pics as they weren’t my houses and I didn’t want to mess with anyone else’s privacy.


The trick or treaters this year were insane! We had hundreds of kids come, and even though we bought about 20 bags of candy, we still ran out and had to put a sign on the door!


For my costume this year I decided to be French from Grease. I rocked a bright pink wig, a Pink Ladies jacket, and a ‘Tell Me About It, Stud’ t-shirt plus a pair of classic black high-waisted jeans. I got the jacket and t-shirt from Peter Alexander, surprisingly. The jacket is sold out everywhere except DFO at Homebush – and I got the last Small – how lucky! I topped of the look with some super simple make up. I didn’t use a heavy foundation, just translucent powder, plus I did my brows, added a little winged eyeliner, bronze eyeshadow and mascara. To really get the French look I used a pink lipliner and then added on some peachy lipgloss over the top.


It was probably one of the cutest and least scary costumes I’ve ever done, but I still loved it – that is until none of the kids knew who I was. That was a pretty depressing moment, it was hard no longer being part of the kids group, and becoming part of the parents group.

Whatever, I looked flawless and had a ton of fun. Grease IS the word.


Whoever you were and whatever you did on fright night, I hope you had a ball! Until next year, stay spooky sisters…


Get the Look: Edward Scissorhands

It’s almost Halloween!!! And you know what that means – the sexy, scary, creepy, and clueless costumes are coming out of the woodworks. So today, I’m showing you my look from last year. We decked out the office in spider webs and fake eyeballs and everyone in the team got dressed up. I went as Edward Scissorhands and completed the look with some creepy makeup and a fabulous wig.


The wig and costume are from CostumeBox. This is a really good costume and it’s good value too. It comes with the ‘dress’, the wig and the scissor hands. Now, it may technically be a dress, but oddly enough it barely covers your butt so I would definitely recommend wearing it with tights if you aren’t going for the sexy look.

I love the detailing on the costume, the harness is cool, the slits on the chest and the open shoulders give it a tiny bit of sex appeal without being inappropriate. The gloves are super cool too, if a little uncomfortable to wear all day at work!

For the wig, I had to pin sections of it back for work as it definitely falls all over your face in a very Edward Scissorhands fashion – but not exactly ideal when you’re trying to focus on your computer screen instead of spending all day shoving hair out of our face.

For the make up, I did a test version and an on-the-day version which came out a little differently.


Above is the test version. To create this I used a bunch of grey eyeshadows to give my eyes a dead look, but I felt like it came out more zombie than Edward Scissorhands. For my scars I used black eyeliner. I topped off the look with a little contour as Edward has those beautiful could-cut-glass cheekbones which I most certainly don’t.


I also chiselled out my nose, but let’s be honest it didn’t look too great. I finished it off with some black lipstick and threw on the wig and made a creepy face. Welcome to Halloween!


Above is my on-the-day look. I used bronze and brown shadows to give my eyes a sunken-in feeling, used the same eyeliner for the scars and contoured my cheekbones, nose and forehead. Instead of just using black lipstick on the day, I layered on my favourite red and then topped it off with the black, which turned it the colour above, which is an almost greyish purple.

For work this year I’m going as a murderous mime as we’re doing a freakshow carnival theme, but I’m not sure what I’m going to be on the hallowed day itself, I’m decking out my front yard as a graveyard but for some reason I really want to go as a pirate. Are zombie pirates a thing?!

Harvey Norman Fitzone @ Night Noodle Markets Sydney


The Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets are back for another year! That means plenty of delicious food, including Peking Duck fries and special edition Messina creations, plus a ton of fun activities for everyone. Whether you’re there for the dragon dances, the food, the drinking, or the family fun times, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself at the Night Noodle Markets.


The nitty gritty

Where is it?

Hyde Park, Sydney

When is it on?

October 8th to October 25th, 2015.

What times?

Mon–Tue 5pm–9pm
Wed–Thur 5pm–10pm
Fri 5pm–11pm, Sat 4pm–10pm
Sun 4pm–9pm

When is the best time to visit?

With family: Sunday to Wednesday nights

With friends: Thursday to Saturday nights

What’s entry cost?

It’s free! But you will get your bag checked upon entry. Strictly no alcohol allowed in.


There are a ton of food stalls, with everything from noodles (duh!), ice cream, chips on a stick, dumplings, and probably anything else you can think of. Mmm… chips on a stick = deep fried goodness.


I really liked the lit up trees. So pretty.


Plus, there’s drum players and light up dancing dragons throughout the night! This is the dragon before it turned into a rainbow of neon.


There are also plenty of brands at the Night Noodle Markets, many with super cool set ups.



One of the best brands at the event is Harvey Norman, who have a Fitzone at the Night Noodle Markets.


At the Fitzone, you can try on the range of Fitbits, or maybe you just want to chill out in a giant Fitbit.


This was one of the busiest places in the Night Noodles Markets that wasn’t food-oriented. Know why? Because there’s a DJ people, a live DJ and a dance floor, so you and your family and friends can burn off a few of those Night Noodle Market calories.



Plus, there’s plenty of seating so you can eat your food and listen to tunes in comfort.


Lastly, you can register to win your very own Fitbit Charge HR. Just register online or at the event and participate at one of the hourly dance offs. Dance offs occur from 7pm every Thursday to Saturday, so there’s plenty of chances to win! When you register you’ll also get a Harvey Norman/Fitbit sweatband in either orange or purple. I saw a lot of kids rocking the sweatband when I went, so even if its not your style, your kiddies might love it!



I love puppies! But then again, who doesn’t?!?

This post has no real content, just cute pics of puppies. Enjoy!

We were lucky enough to have 2 precious pug puppies visit us for a day at work, so here’s some snaps of their time with us.



I'm gonna get you!

I’m gonna get you!

Pugs playing!

Pugs playing!

Now, here’s some super cute photos of my friend Lisa’s puppy Pepper. She is the cutest little thing, I love her so much. Luckily, Lisa knows I love her pup, so I get regular photos of her, but don’t worry, I can share!

Pepper's first walk

Pepper’s first walk

Ain't she sweet?

Ain’t she sweet?

Look at this precious little lady.

Look at this precious little lady.

Oh Pepper, don't look at me like that!

Oh Pepper, don’t look at me like that!

Why Is Getting Fit Such A Bitch?

GIMME 20!!!

Just kidding! 1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a fitness war. Hitting the gym has never been more popular, and neither have alternate forms of exercise, including pilates, yoga, running, and dancing. But what’s all the fuss? Exercise has always been important, but it seems like the world has gone workout (and workout wear) crazy! I’m definitely not saying don’t exercise and do eat lots of junk food, but I think the expectations on fitness have risen to the point of insanity. A big part of me thinks this is due to social media. #fitspo is a big thing on Instagram, everyone these days seems to be snapping selfies at the gym and in their #yoga classes, #healthy Acai bowls are all the range, and kale is everyone’s best friend (but really no one’s). Those tanned, lean, ab-tastic people on Insta are giving the rest of us major body envy, not just #bodygoals.

Not gonna lie, I used to be one of those people. Back when I was at uni and had a lot of free time, I was going to the gym before and after class, 6 or 7 days a week, and not really eating much. But you know what? I looked amazing, for the first time I was completely confident in my body, and for the first time I wore crop tops with no fear. The image on this blog is me at my lowest weight since I was 14 and my peak fitness, I only has 10% body fat and my legs were teeny tiny, I even had a #thighgap.

It was incredible, but 2 years on I’ve gained over 10 kilos and lost a lot of confidence. This is largely due to the fact that my situation has changed drastically. I finished uni and starting working full time. I didn’t have the time to train twice a day 7 days a week, and started hitting the gym only once or twice a week. I got busier at week and way more tired. I was less motivated and unenthusiastic, and eventually I was only working out once every couple of weeks. Today, I haven’t been to the gym in 4 months and I feel like crap.

Now, I want to clarify a couple of things.

  1. I’m not unhealthy.
  2. I still try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and more when possible.
  3. I loved working out and I really miss it – but I work full time and a lot of overtime including weekends, and I’m way too tired when I get home. I just don’t have the motivation.
  4. I don’t think being skinny and having great abs means you’re healthy.

With all that in mind, part of me understands the health craze and part of me doesn’t, but at the end of the day all these unrealistic expectations are really bringing me down and I just wanted to have a little rant. TBH I don’t think this post even made sense.

At A Crossroads

I’m a bit stuck, in almost every sense of the word – except physically.

I’m single, and have been so for WAY too long – I can’t even remember the last time I went on a date. #TeamSpinster

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being single, but I’m at that stage in my life where half of my old friends are coupling off, moving in together, getting engaged, and spending less and less time with their friends; the other half are still in uni, getting crazy drunk on weekdays, and working in bars on the weekends. Unfortunately I no longer have anything in common with either of these groups. I’m 23, working full time, and more interested in going to dinner at a nice restaurant and heading home after than I am in an all-night boozing sesh. This means that I don’t go out with my friends, and I haven’t got a romantic partner to spend my time with, which means that I am #foreveralone. YAY LONELINESS

I’m not moving up or even sideways in my career – but believe me it’s not for a lack of trying! I actually went backwards in my career a year ago  to get away from my ex-boss who was a true psychopath. I love my job now and the team I work with, but there’s no prospect of a promotion because the company isn’t in a position to give me one. I’m looking for a new gig, and have has a few amazing opportunities, but keep being guilted into staying by my boss. Don’t get me wrong, she is an incredible boss and I have so much respect and admiration for her and what she’s done for the company, but still… I need to move on.

I seem not to have any interests or hobbies. I stopped going to the gym (and gained 10 kilos, yay), stopped reading for fun regularly, stopped going out to the museums or to movies, and started living in my bed watching Will & Grace and RuPaul’s Drag Race on Stan. Riveting stuff, right?

So, that’s where my life is at. Depressed, bored, and alone.

I thought writing about it would make me feel better, but it really didn’t.

Social Media: Pros & Cons

Working in social media is very different to using social media. The most obvious difference is that you get paid for it, instead of getting in trouble for using it at work. But you also have to deals with the trolls a LOT more. You’ll lose faith in humanity pretty quickly if you aren’t an eternal optimist AND very thick skinned.

That said, working in social is amazing, you get to do a lot of different things, and every day is different. No two campaigns are the same, and reading peoples’ comments can be really entertaining. It’s also very rewarding to see people responding positively to ads, most people hate seeing product pushes in their newsfeed, so its pretty nice to get some love.
Getting into social isn’t as easy as it seems, you won’t get to run a multi-nationals Facebook page just because you spend all day on your own. Chances are, you’ll need a university degree in marketing, and you’ll start off as an intern or a junior. I started off as a casual, working a few hours a week on a Facebook page with about 150 fans, but I was passionate and it showed, my next job I worked across all the platforms for a start up, including dabbling in eDM. Now I’m working at a big company, working across 3 well-known brands. I’ve gotten to make a ton of creative changes and changed how the brand is perceived on social.