Review: Butterbear Bath Bomb


Meet Butterbear, the softest, cuddliest bath bomb in the world. He’s cute and white and full of delight.


Shaped just like a teddy bear, this bath bomb has all the details you could want, with little ears, eyes, a nose and mouth, plus a big belly.


It’s also very reasonably priced, coming in at $5.95AUD apiece. These bath bomb are only available during Christmas, so unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until next Christmas-time to get yourself one – but you can have a look at it on the Lush USA website here!

This is a super nourishing bath bomb, filled with cocoa butter to give you the deepest moisturization possible while leaving a soft vanilla fragrance lingering on the skin long after you’ve gotten out of the bath. It’s vegan too, so totally safe for our vegan friends.

When you drop it into the bath it starts dissolving immediately, and little brown flecks come out which I’m pretty sure are the bits of cocoa butter.


Not to worry though, these pieces dissolve completely, so it looks like this when you’re ready to hop in.


As you can see, it doesn’t change the colour of the water dramatically, it just makes it very cloudy.

Overall this is a great product, but I must say the moisturising properties may be a little too strong, as it leaves you quite greasy. That said, I think this would be a great winter bath product for those of us who suffer from dry skin, as it is so incredibly nourishing. For a normal day however it might be a little strong.

Definitely a big fan though, and will be repurchasing next Christmas.


Review: Happy Hippy Shower Gel

My first thought when I saw this in my Christmas stocking was ‘Miley Cyrus’s shower gel!’. Of course it isn’t actually Miley’s product, but I feel like she would use it, as it’s named similarly to her Happy Hippie Foundation, and it’s vegan, organic and all things nice.


The Happy Hippy Shower Gel comes in three sizes (100g, 250g and 500g) and ranges from $7.95AUD for the 100g bottle to $20.50AUD for the largest size bottle.

In my Christmas stocking I got the 500g bottle, so thanks mom! I hadn’t tried this shower gel before so it was a nice surprise on Christmas morning.

On to the nitty gritty.

The core ingredient of this shower gel is grapefruit, it’s made with fresh pink grapefruits, and as these vary in colour every batch has a slightly different hue, from lemon to rosy. Whatever colour you get it looks quite pretty. It’s not an overwhelmingly bright colour like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, but the  scent is equally as strong. As you’d expect, it smells like grapefruit, so it’s very citrusy and refreshing, making it a perfect wake-me-up body wash in the morning.


As you can see above, in my hand it’s an opaque yellow, mine definitely didn’t have a rosy hue!

Overall I think this is a fantastic body wash and could also be used as a face wash in the morning when used with an exfoliating glove, as it is very refreshing and energising – perfect for the Monday morning struggle!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely.

Now, as it’s after Christmas I’m not going to score things out of candy canes anymore, so I’ll just give it an A. The only negative with this is the cost, Lush body washes are generally pretty pricey though so it isn’t exactly a shock.

Review: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon


Bubbleroon: the Lush version of the classic dessert, the macaroon. Lush is known for its decadent bath products and delicious scents, so its no surprise that they’ve come up with a bath bomb that looks like a macaroon.


Now, in all fairness, my bubble room doesn’t look like the one below (image taken from the Lush website). My mom had already used half of this bubbleroon before I got to use it, so I only had one half to work with.


Even so, as you can see above it’s a beautiful little bubble bar, it’s bright orange with two halves and a ‘cream’ filling just like a real macaroon. The bubbleroon range contains three colours, a pinkish red which smells like roses, the orange one above, and a green bubbleroon with avocado, banana and shea butter.


I purchased the orange one, which is the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon. It’s vegan, handmade and of course meltable. To use it, you simply crumble it under the water and watch the bubbles go. Now, this isn’t the most bubble-inducing bubble bar, it only gives a few bubbles that don’t even cover the surface of the water. Generally speaking you’re supposed to use half a bubble bar in each bath otherwise you end up with a ton of bubbles, but perhaps because this one is smaller you’re supposed to use the entire thing. Aside from the lack of bubbles, it does turn the water a bit yellowish and murky, but there’s no vivid colours or any glitter in this one.


There is however a lot of moisturiser in this bubbleroon, so it’s very nourishing for your skin. Normally my skin isn’t left too greasy by the more buttery bath products, however I did feel super greasy after this bath which I didn’t love.

The scent wasn’t that strong either and to be totally honest I couldn’t identify it. It was quite pleasant however, and I’m going to assume it smells like Yuzu, whatever that might be.

It only costs $7.50AUD per bubbleroon, so it’s not badly priced. But would I buy it again? Probably not. Would I try the other colours/scents? Probably the rose one, but not the green one.

Review: Master Precise Liquid Liner by Maybelline

A classic black eyeliner can see you through the toughest make up days. It can be subtle, it can be bold. Simple or complicated – black eyeliner can make (or break) a make up look. I usually wear black eyeliner with just foundation and mascara as I find it looks sleek and sophisticated by itself and makes me feel super done up without having to put in too much effort.

I also find that black eyeliner makes my lashes look thicker and longer and accentuates my eyes – which are definitely one of my favourite features!


This was a super basic look that I did the other night. Legit all I used was the Kat Von D primer and foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brow pomade, this eyeliner and Kat Von D’s mascara. It’s a basic look that’s quick and easy to do, but it made me feel absolutely fabulous. I definitely wasn’t born with it, and it definitely is Maybelline!

So, on to the eyeliner. It’s called Master Precise Liquid Liner for a reason. It’s of course a classic black. It does have a slightly shiny finish though, so if you’re looking for a matte eyeliner this isn’t the one for you. It’s a felt tip pen but unlike most eyeliner pens it has an incredibly thin tip which is what allows it to create super fine lines. The very tip of the brush is just 0.05mm thick, which is just insane when you think about it. The best thing about this eyeliner is how build able it is. You can literally create hair-thin lines or if you keep going over the line you can build it to quite a thick line. The precision of this liner is probably the best I’ve ever seen, and that’s what makes this the best black liner I’ve ever used.


It’s also very easy to apply, and unlike most other eyeliners, I find I don’t mess it up on the first go. The fine tip is the real key to this, it’s easy to control and if you do apply to much pressure or go slightly over you can always just make the line a tiny bit thicker.

It’s also not too pricey, with it’s regular price being just $14.95. Plus Priceline regularly have 30-40% off so you can sometimes get it for even less!

I have no doubt that I will be re-purchasing this product – it genuinely is that good.

Review: Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick

Star Wars is the best right?! So of course the new movie has amazeballs merch, from app-controlled droids to cups and soft toys, and best of all, make up!

Now, I couldn’t get all three pieces, I could only get one shade of the lipstick because even though I went to four different Priceline stores, three were sold out and one had the ‘Light Side’ lipstick and the mascara. I didn’t get the mascara because frankly, I have two pretty pricey ones that I absolutely have to finish before I buy a new one. I didn’t get the red lipstick for two reasons. Firstly, I have a couple of red lipsticks that I don’t wear too often because they don’t look that great on me. Secondly, all the stores I went to were sold out of it. That’s the thing with limited edition make up – it sells out really quickly. I did ask the sales lady if they would be receiving more stock, but as it’s a limited edition they won’t be getting any more stock.


So I got shade 70 – its a shimmery nude colour with copper-looking glitter. The packaging is really cool, it’s a classic black with the Star Wars The Force Awakens logo printed on in silver. The shade is representative of the ‘Light Side’ of the Force, and reminds me of the main character from the movie – Rey. It’s a little dusty with a hint of power and femininity. I love the shade, and I think it could work for both pale and dark skin.


When I swatched it, it looked a lot more peachy and pale, and as you can see it’s very shimmery. It looks pretty on, and would be great with some simple make up, maybe classic black cat eyes, or if you want to go all out, a bronze goddess look could be great.

On my lips it comes out quite peachy with a lot of shimmer. I personally love this shade and will definitely wear it on a regular basis.


I couldn’t find it on the Priceline website so I’m guessing it’s only available in stores. The price isn’t too bad either, when I got it the whole range was on special for $10 a piece.

Review: Bioré Deep Cleaning Charcoal Pore Strips

Who here has blackheads on their nose? And who here can’t seem to EVER get rid of them, no matter what they try?

Blackheads are a common and annoying problem for most people, and unlike frequent pimples, they don’t seem to go away as you get older. I may only get a pimple every now and then these days instead of every other day like I did as a teen, but my blackheads are ever-present and always annoying. If you’re anything like me, you too have tried all the scrubs, washes, masks, and strips to get rid of those pesky blackheads.

I’ve had some success with Bioré‘s normal pore strips, and I quite liked their charcoal cleansing bar which left my skin minty fresh and feeling pretty good (but still full of blackheads). Based on that I thought I’d give their new pore strips with natural charcoal a go.

Here’s how it went.


The packaging is very similar and the process is exactly the same – wash your face thoroughly, wet your nose, apply, wait 10-15 minutes and peel off.


They’ve definitely hyped up the charcoal element, even the individual pore strip packages are black!


Here’s what the strips look like when you take them out of the packaging. This is the non-sticky side and as you can see it is almost completely black with a few white specks.

So after I washed my face and wet my nose I of course had to take a pic of the sticky side.


It’s a bit blurry but you get the idea, it’s black, sticky, and shiny.

When applying to your nose, make sure you use a bit of pressure to ensure maximum strip-to-skin contact, as this is supposed to give you the best results. Side note: I could have pummelled this thing into my skin and I still don’t think it would have made a difference.

And here’s what it looks like on. I have a bit of a long nose so it didn’t come down onto my cheeks very much.


Another thing with these, the charcoal starts rubbing off as soon as the strip touches your wet skin, so I had a few smudges on and around my nose, and my fingertips turned grey. Definitely wash your hands thoroughly after applying.

I then waited the 15 minutes (ok 25 I got distracted!) and went to peel it off. By this point the strip was hard as a rock and pretty entertaining to just tap on. If you’re ever used the standard Bioré strips you’ll know that they’re eye-wateringly painful to take off. This one? Not so much…

It came off pretty easily and with no pain whatsoever, which probably gives you a clue as to its effectiveness. Now, as the strip is black it’s also much harder to see if it actually did anything, but here’s what it looked like after being peeled off my face.


It does look like it removed a little bit of gunk, but when I looked in the mirror there was no obvious signs that any blackheads had been removed, so to be honest I don’t think it actually worked.

Removing the strip does leave behind a little charcoal so make sure you wash your nose off after using the strip, unless you want to walk around looking like you have dirt on your nose (each to their own!). The worst thing about this is that even though it didn’t really do anything, it did leave my nose red and really itchy for about an hour after I peeled it off.

Personally, I wouldn’t purchase this product again, it just wasn’t worth it.

Review: Oatifix Fresh Face Mask by Lush

A good face mask can do wonders for your skin – so you know I’m trying all the Lush fresh face masks!

My latest trial is of the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask which is supposedly great for dry and sensitive skin as it’s very moisturising and full of nourishing ingredients that will clean and soften your skin.


Oatifix is a fresh face mask so it needs to be kept in the fridge and should be used ASAP. That said, I’ve never followed the expiration dates on these masks and nothing bad has ever happened. I like to go by the smell test, and the mould test. If it smells or looks off, don’t use it.

It has bananas, vanilla, almonds, plenty of oats, and I believe a hint of cinnamon-y goodness which makes it smell just like breakfast. It’s very refreshing and great to use first thing in the morning, I find that it helps reduce my redness and the puffiness around my eyes.


As you can see, it’s a very grainy mask with lots of chunks, you can literally see the oats. This can make it a little difficult to apply as it tends to stay in its clumps and is a little difficult to spread.

It also makes you look a little like you have a super weird skin disease…


It isn’t any better up close.


Cute, huh?

I do love this mask though, it definitely works and leaves your skin soft and smooth, and smelling great!

The nitty gritty.

Ingredients: Glycerine (Glycerine), Fine Oatmeal (Avena sativa), Fresh Organic Bananas (Musa paradisica), Water (Aqua), Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Illipe Butter (Shorea stenoptera), Kaolin (Kaolin), Talc (Talc), Vanilla Pod (Vanilla planifolia), Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill), Benzoin Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre), *Coumarin (*Coumarin), *Benzyl Cinnamate (*Benzyl Cinnamate), *Linalool (*Linalool), Perfume (Perfume), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides)

Price: $13.95AUD

Would I buy it again? Definitely (once I’ve worked my way through the entire way).

Plus, if you bring back 5 clean pots you get a fresh face mask free!

Review: Sephora Blemish-Fighting Roll-On Gel

Hands up anyone who’s ever had a pimple! Everyone? Yep, thought so. And who here hasn’t tried practically every serum, gel, face wash, mask and wipe to get rid of them? Yeah, me too.

Pimples and blemishes are a sad fact of life, and even more sadly, aren’t restricted to your teenage years. This basically means that if you find a product that works, you stick to it, potentially forever.

I’ve tried all the stuff by Garnier, Clean and Clear, and everyone else too, and some of them have worked, some haven’t. I’m always on the lookout for a great pimple destroyer, so when my last one ran out and I happened to be in Sephora, I took a chance on the Blemish-Fighting Roll-On Gel. This is actually a repurchase, I’ve almost finished my current tube!


The gel contains no parabens, it’s non-comedogenic (whatever that means), and it’s dermatologically tested. It also suits sensitive skin so it isn’t as strong as some blemish fighters which can occasionally do more harm than good. Like most pimple treatments it contains salicylic acid so it reduces the size and severity of imperfections after just 8 hours. But, salicylic acid can dry the skin out, so it also contains HydroSenn+™, so it moisturises your skin and won’t dry it out. The gel has a super-targeted roll-on applicator which also helps cool the skin.


I absolutely love this product, at the first sign of a pimple I pop this on and it disappears throughout the day or overnight if I apply it before bed. It works quickly and has a 10 month lifespan, but if you’re like me it won’t last you 10 months. It’s also made in France and is a high-quality product that I will definitely be purchasing again and again.

I couldn’t find it on the Sephora US or AUS online stores, but it is available in their actual stores.

Review: Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Hyde

You can probably tell I love the Lightning Liner collection, as this is my third review on the product now, check out my posts on shades ‘Ludwig‘ and ‘Gould‘ for more info on the range.


So, standard stuff now – still a brush applicator that you click to get ink onto. Also costs $29AUD from Sephora.


Now onto the shade, this is a metallic bronze, and it’s probably the most buildable shade I’ve purchased. As you can see on the swatch below, you can get it all the way from a very soft brown to a dark glittery bronze. This shade would suit all eye colours but I think it would really pop on blue or green eyes. It’s pretty right?!


Review: Kat Von D Lightning Liner in Gould

Gould… gold… what’s the difference?

As you know, I’m a big fan of the Lightning Liner in the shade ‘Ludwig’, if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of the Lightning Liner range please head here to read that review, where I talk to you about the product details and benefits and how it works.


This shade is a metallic gold, and as you may have guessed it’s called ‘Gould’. To get the product to work you need to follow the same process as ‘Ludwig’, and click the pen a few times to get ink to appear.


The brush is super soft and lovely, and it runs beautifully. These pens are easy to use and you just need one quick clean swipe across the lash line and you’ve got a look that doesn’t require any ‘gahhhhh not again whyyyyy where’s the make up remover’-type moments.


As you can see on the swatch above, the shade is a very sparkly metallic gold, and the liner is very buildable, so you can make it as subtle or as bold as you like.

It costs $29AUD from Sephora, where you can now purchase online if you’re in Australia!

Overall it’s a great product that’s part of a great range, I just wanted to share this fabulous shade with you!