Review: Zoolander 2 (no spoilers)

Tonight, I had the enormous pleasure and privilege of being one of the lucky members of the first audience in the world to see the final cut of Zoolander 2, the long-awaited sequel to the 2001 cult film Zoolander.

Firstly, I would like to thank Ben Stiller and the powers that be at Paramount for selecting Sydney for this great honour – even if I now have to wait 2 weeks for everyone else I know to see it before I can talk about it properly!

Secondly, I would like to note that Ben Stiller isn’t just funny on film, he’s a genuinely funny person – I’m basing this of course on his intro to the movie as sadly I did not get to take a selfie with or speak to him.

Now, on to the review.

Will I like it if I liked the first Zealander movie?

Yes, I think so. There are many elements of the first movie that return, and many of the characters. There’s no dramatic changes in the character’s personas – Derek’s still a sweet, naive male model and Hansel is still a hippie who loves orgies.

But Justin Bieber’s in it…

If you love Justin Bieber, you’re gonna love his performance in the movie. And if you hate him? Well, let’s just say that I think you’ll be surprised and pleased with his performance. Most musicians can’t act, to be blunt, but Justin can. I’d be happy to see other movies with him, and hope this is something he pursues more work in.

Most sequel’s aren’t as good as the first movie – is this one an exception to the rule?

This is going to be up to each person that sees it, but personally I think this one was just as good as the original. I have this theory on why everyone always hates the sequel. Usually it’s these cult movies that leave everyone disappointed when it comes to the sequel, and I think it’s because the first movie had something new, fresh and unique to it. Whether it’s a ridiculous character, an interesting plot point, an unexpected romantic interest or something else entirely, there’s something that captures viewers. But when the sequel comes along, it’s no longer something new and different, it’s just a continuation so the shock factor isn’t there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t diss the sequel just because there’s no shock factor – it can still be a great movie.

The first Zealander was outrageous and not at all politically correct. 15 years and a wave of political correctness later – has that changed?

Nope, nup and no way. There are some pretty ‘OMG did they actually just say that?!’ moments that I’m sure will get some keyboard warriors going.

Are the cameos any good?

YES. Just YES. I won’t give too much away but… Benedict Cumberbatch: I. Can’t. Even.

There are a lot of cameos in this movie which I think actually add to the plot and make it even funnier because some of the celebs that make appearances play the complete opposite of themselves and it’s hilarious.

Lastly (and most importantly) – the plot. Any good?

Look, it’s no Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, and it’s no Marvel movie that’s magically linked to about 11 others. That said, it has a decent plot with a few twists and turns and the script has quite a few zingers that are sure to get some laughs. 

Is the plot a bit silly? Sure. Does that make it bad? Nah.

Is it worth going to see in the cinema, or should I wait for the DVD?

Go see it in a cinema as soon as you can. Don’t be a hermit crab.

Zoolander 2 is out in Australia on February 11th, 2016. Get your tickets at Hoyts or Event Cinemas.




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