Review: Butterbear Bath Bomb


Meet Butterbear, the softest, cuddliest bath bomb in the world. He’s cute and white and full of delight.


Shaped just like a teddy bear, this bath bomb has all the details you could want, with little ears, eyes, a nose and mouth, plus a big belly.


It’s also very reasonably priced, coming in at $5.95AUD apiece. These bath bomb are only available during Christmas, so unfortunately you’re going to have to wait until next Christmas-time to get yourself one – but you can have a look at it on the Lush USA website here!

This is a super nourishing bath bomb, filled with cocoa butter to give you the deepest moisturization possible while leaving a soft vanilla fragrance lingering on the skin long after you’ve gotten out of the bath. It’s vegan too, so totally safe for our vegan friends.

When you drop it into the bath it starts dissolving immediately, and little brown flecks come out which I’m pretty sure are the bits of cocoa butter.


Not to worry though, these pieces dissolve completely, so it looks like this when you’re ready to hop in.


As you can see, it doesn’t change the colour of the water dramatically, it just makes it very cloudy.

Overall this is a great product, but I must say the moisturising properties may be a little too strong, as it leaves you quite greasy. That said, I think this would be a great winter bath product for those of us who suffer from dry skin, as it is so incredibly nourishing. For a normal day however it might be a little strong.

Definitely a big fan though, and will be repurchasing next Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Review: Butterbear Bath Bomb

  1. rebecca222blog says:

    When I choose a bath bomb I go for the crazy, bizarre, colourful ones that make your bath look like a unicorn threw up in it! That being said I definitely want to try this one regardless of how plain it is because I love vanilla scents and I love the feeling of cocoa butter!


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