Review: Happy Hippy Shower Gel

My first thought when I saw this in my Christmas stocking was ‘Miley Cyrus’s shower gel!’. Of course it isn’t actually Miley’s product, but I feel like she would use it, as it’s named similarly to her Happy Hippie Foundation, and it’s vegan, organic and all things nice.


The Happy Hippy Shower Gel comes in three sizes (100g, 250g and 500g) and ranges from $7.95AUD for the 100g bottle to $20.50AUD for the largest size bottle.

In my Christmas stocking I got the 500g bottle, so thanks mom! I hadn’t tried this shower gel before so it was a nice surprise on Christmas morning.

On to the nitty gritty.

The core ingredient of this shower gel is grapefruit, it’s made with fresh pink grapefruits, and as these vary in colour every batch has a slightly different hue, from lemon to rosy. Whatever colour you get it looks quite pretty. It’s not an overwhelmingly bright colour like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, but the  scent is equally as strong. As you’d expect, it smells like grapefruit, so it’s very citrusy and refreshing, making it a perfect wake-me-up body wash in the morning.


As you can see above, in my hand it’s an opaque yellow, mine definitely didn’t have a rosy hue!

Overall I think this is a fantastic body wash and could also be used as a face wash in the morning when used with an exfoliating glove, as it is very refreshing and energising – perfect for the Monday morning struggle!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely.

Now, as it’s after Christmas I’m not going to score things out of candy canes anymore, so I’ll just give it an A. The only negative with this is the cost, Lush body washes are generally pretty pricey though so it isn’t exactly a shock.


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