Review: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon


Bubbleroon: the Lush version of the classic dessert, the macaroon. Lush is known for its decadent bath products and delicious scents, so its no surprise that they’ve come up with a bath bomb that looks like a macaroon.


Now, in all fairness, my bubble room doesn’t look like the one below (image taken from the Lush website). My mom had already used half of this bubbleroon before I got to use it, so I only had one half to work with.


Even so, as you can see above it’s a beautiful little bubble bar, it’s bright orange with two halves and a ‘cream’ filling just like a real macaroon. The bubbleroon range contains three colours, a pinkish red which smells like roses, the orange one above, and a green bubbleroon with avocado, banana and shea butter.


I purchased the orange one, which is the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon. It’s vegan, handmade and of course meltable. To use it, you simply crumble it under the water and watch the bubbles go. Now, this isn’t the most bubble-inducing bubble bar, it only gives a few bubbles that don’t even cover the surface of the water. Generally speaking you’re supposed to use half a bubble bar in each bath otherwise you end up with a ton of bubbles, but perhaps because this one is smaller you’re supposed to use the entire thing. Aside from the lack of bubbles, it does turn the water a bit yellowish and murky, but there’s no vivid colours or any glitter in this one.


There is however a lot of moisturiser in this bubbleroon, so it’s very nourishing for your skin. Normally my skin isn’t left too greasy by the more buttery bath products, however I did feel super greasy after this bath which I didn’t love.

The scent wasn’t that strong either and to be totally honest I couldn’t identify it. It was quite pleasant however, and I’m going to assume it smells like Yuzu, whatever that might be.

It only costs $7.50AUD per bubbleroon, so it’s not badly priced. But would I buy it again? Probably not. Would I try the other colours/scents? Probably the rose one, but not the green one.


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