Review: Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar

Bubbles, bubble everywhere – what a mess you make, but do I care?

The answer is yes. I do care about the mess you make, but you smelled so good that I just had to buy you. Say hello to the Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar.


The Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar is part of Lush’s Christmas collection, and as you can see below it looks a lot like a Christmas pudding, or a silver, sparkly version of one.


This bubble bar is absolutely massive. It’s green underneath the glitter, and has three green leaves on the top. It’s supposed to have three cranberries (or cherries?) on the top. Mine got a bit smushed in the bag so it doesn’t look as flawless as it does on the Lush website, but I think it still looks pretty damn good.


A lot of people like to break this bubble bar in half and use the two sections separately, but I ain’t got time for that, so I used it all at once. I suspect this is the reason that my bath turned out so full of bubbles and so super green. My bath also smelled really really strong. The scent is amazing, patchouli, lime and cinnamon combine to create the most dazzling Christmas scent – a bit like mulled wine.


As you can see in the video below, you need to follow the instructions on the label and crumble it under running water.

This method definitely works. I dropped it in the water and started crumbling after their was only a couple of inches of water in the bath, I think this worked better than adding it once the bath was almost full as it had more opportunities to bubble up and react to the running water. In the end I had so many bubbles it was insane.


All of the bubbles!


Underneath all those bubbles the water was a bright Christmassy green with a hint of silver sparkly goodness.


You can’t really see the sparkles in the water, but as this is one of the darker colours I’ve achieved from a Lush bath product, the water becomes super reflective. Say hi to my bathroom ceiling!


The colour is great, it’s so Christmassy and bright. Plus it makes you look like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, much like the Father Christmas Bath Bomb. The water becomes so dark and murky that even when you put your hand on the bottom of the bath you can’t see it.

It leaves your skin slightly glittery and the scent definitely lingers. But the downside? The bubbles kill my bathroom. The bubbles always end up coming up through the second drain and making a massive mess on my bathroom floor, plus the leftover bubbles take forever to dissipate from the bottom of the bath. And lucky me, I also wound up with a ring of silver glitter around my bath. Super pleasant to clean up.

This is the main reason why I don’t generally buy bubble bars or anything that fills my bath with bubbles. Plus bubbles make it really hard for me to read Cosmo in the bath without ruining the magazine. I just couldn’t resist Holly Go Lightly, but otherwise I wouldn’t normally purchase a bubble bar. I did receive some for Christmas though so there will be more bubble bar reviews coming!

Overall this was a fantastic bubble bar. I would rate it five out of five candy canes.




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