Review: Snow Fairy Bodywash by Lush

Snow Fairy is definitely one of those Lush Christmas classics that I get every year at Christmas and any other time it’s available! I also don’t waste my time with the mini bottles and go straight for the biggest size they have. For me it’s a staple favourite and one that I know I’m going to love so I don’t worry that I won’t like it.

In Australia, we only get the shower gel most of the time, and it’s available in 3 sizes (100 grams, 250 grams, and 500 grams). Around Christmas time it also comes in two special Christmas gift boxes. The first one is called ‘Little Snow Fairy Gift‘ and contains 1 x FUN Pink and 1 x Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g. It’s priced at $14.95AUD which makes it a cute little gift for your work Secret Santa or a nice stocking stuffer. Plus they come pre-wrapped so you don’t have to do any work!

The bigger gift is called ‘Snow Fairy Castle Gift‘, and this one contains a few more items, namely 1 x Rock Star soap 100g, 1 x Snow Fairy shower gel 100g, 1 x Bubblegum Lip Scrub 25g and 1 x Fairy Dust dusting powder 50g. The Fairy Dusting powder is no longer available online for purchase by itself, but some stores may still have stock! I didn’t purchase this one as I’m still using my other Lush dusting powder, but it does smell lovely! It’s a little more pricey, coming in at $39.95AUD – but I think it’s worth it as you do get quite a bit of product. And of course it’s beautifully wrapped.

Now, on to the review of the shower gel.

First off, let’s start with the packaging. I purchased one a few months ago and the packaging looked like the picture below. My sister received one for Christmas today and hers looked like the second image below.

The old packaging above is a lot more fun and exciting, but if I’m being honest I actually prefer the packaging below. It’s simple and sleek and still pops.IMG_4892

As for the actual product itself – there’s a very good reason why I keep re-purchasing this particular body wash and literally run into Lush as soon as I hear it’s available. This is probably the one product that I keep a super close eye on and genuinely stalk Lush’s website and Facebook and Instagram pages.

It smells INCREDIBLE. It smells super sweet, just like fairy floss. It’s also got some glitter in it so it leaves you a little sparkly. I also occasionally like to use this on my hair as a shampoo because it smells so delicious and I want to enjoy it all day. It’s a bright pink body wash that will brighten up your morning and leave your skin clean and soft.

How would I rate it? If I could, I’d give it a million candy canes out of five. But since the top score is five, that’s what it gets!



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