Review: Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick

Star Wars is the best right?! So of course the new movie has amazeballs merch, from app-controlled droids to cups and soft toys, and best of all, make up!

Now, I couldn’t get all three pieces, I could only get one shade of the lipstick because even though I went to four different Priceline stores, three were sold out and one had the ‘Light Side’ lipstick and the mascara. I didn’t get the mascara because frankly, I have two pretty pricey ones that I absolutely have to finish before I buy a new one. I didn’t get the red lipstick for two reasons. Firstly, I have a couple of red lipsticks that I don’t wear too often because they don’t look that great on me. Secondly, all the stores I went to were sold out of it. That’s the thing with limited edition make up – it sells out really quickly. I did ask the sales lady if they would be receiving more stock, but as it’s a limited edition they won’t be getting any more stock.


So I got shade 70 – its a shimmery nude colour with copper-looking glitter. The packaging is really cool, it’s a classic black with the Star Wars The Force Awakens logo printed on in silver. The shade is representative of the ‘Light Side’ of the Force, and reminds me of the main character from the movie – Rey. It’s a little dusty with a hint of power and femininity. I love the shade, and I think it could work for both pale and dark skin.


When I swatched it, it looked a lot more peachy and pale, and as you can see it’s very shimmery. It looks pretty on, and would be great with some simple make up, maybe classic black cat eyes, or if you want to go all out, a bronze goddess look could be great.

On my lips it comes out quite peachy with a lot of shimmer. I personally love this shade and will definitely wear it on a regular basis.


I couldn’t find it on the Priceline website so I’m guessing it’s only available in stores. The price isn’t too bad either, when I got it the whole range was on special for $10 a piece.


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