Review: Snow Angel Bath Melt by Lush


Most of us put an angel on top of the Christmas tree, but have you ever considered bathing with one? An odd concept, but the Snow Angel bath melt lets you do just that. As you can see above, it’s shaped like an angel, with etchings on the wings and bottom of the gown. And as you can see below, it’s dual-sided, with one side yellow with gold glitter, and one side pure white with a little bit of gold that has rubbed off from the gold side.


It’s a very pretty bath melt, and when you open up the package it looks like the below.

IMG_4846Snow angel is half bath melt half bath bomb, but when you drop it in the bath it doesn’t really fizz all that mush, and mine didn’t dissolve almost at all, especially the gold half.

As you can see in the video above, when you drop it in the bath it doesn’t do much. Unlike other Lush products no fun colours come out and it doesn’t fill the bath with amazing colours from the get go.

Eventually I gave up trying to film it doing anything since it wouldn’t dissolve, and crumbled it up under the tap with my hands. It turned the water a murky greenish yellow.


You can’t see it in the photo, but it is very glittery. The colour isn’t spectacular but it also isn’t awful. The real beauty of this bath melt is in its moisturising properties – it has a ton of fair trade and organic cocoa butter in it so you know it’s going to give you nice soft skin. This bath melt is incredible if you have dry skin, it did leave me a little greasy afterward though – and I definitely didn’t need to add moisturiser afterward. I spent 2 hours sitting in this bath and I can honestly say my skin has never felt softer. But again, the grease factor wasn’t too pleasant.

The scent of this bath melt is also amazing, it smells like roses and is nice and subtle and won’t overpower your senses.

Now, the glitter factor. Looking at this bath bomb you think you’re going to come out looking like you’ve been glitter bombed, but unlike the Golden Wonder, that isn’t the case. This one left me a little glittery but again, mostly just greasy.


The one thing that will be let covered in glitter is your bath. Holy crap was this ever hard to clean off!


You’re definitely going to need more than just a rinse for this, I used an antibacterial wipe because I knew it would cut through the grease.

Overall? I probably won’t be purchasing Snow Angel again, but I don’t hate it.

3 out of 5 candy canes!




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