Review: Yog Nog Soap by Lush

Yog Nog is by far my favourite Christmas scent, even beating the ever popular and totally amazing Snow Fairy. It’s soft and buttery and all things nice, and it just screams Christmas.

The Yog Nog scent is available in 2 products in Australia (not sure about everywhere else). You can buy it in a soap, or as a bath bomb – which I’ve also reviewed here. Today I’m going to be talking about the soap. In the image above (which has been edited) it looks really dark and golden with a layer of nutmeg and cocoa powder on the top. Below is the unedited version, it’s not quite as dark or golden but it is still quite pretty.


As you can see, the cocoa and nutmeg powder don’t cover the entire top of the soap, however you should be aware that the nutmeg and cocoa will rub off in the paper packaging. The top of the soap also has some raised shapes, including stars, swirls, and blocks with swirls and stars etched into them. Overall it’s a gorgeous soap from the top.


From the side view it’s definitely not as impressive, it’s not particularly shimmery, though you will see a little brown dust that’s transferred from the top. It’s a dark yellow or soft gold in colouring, and as you can see there aren’t really any surprises inside, it is quite plain in appearance. But as we all know, beauty isn’t skin deep and the true beauty of this soap is its incredible scent and its skin-softening power.

Inspired by the popular Christmas drink egg nog, this vegan soap version also contains soya yoghurt which softens the skin and gives the soap its creamy texture. Many soaps can be quite drying for the skin, but this one actually adds a little moisture and softens it.

With most soaps, I would never use them on my face unless they are legit, face-specific soaps. But with Yog Nog, I grab my exfoliating glove and use it as a cleanser. Sounds weird, but it really works to give me softer skin thats thoroughly cleansed. I also use this on the rest of my body instead of body wash, and my skin doesn’t lose any softness or silkiness and it doesn’t dry out.

Overall, I absolutely love this soap, it’s definitely one of my favourites from the Lush Christmas collection, and you can get it here.

The final score?

5 out of 5 candy canes!



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