Review: Salt and Peppermint Bark by Lush

I’m going to start this review by saying that salt is an excellent exfoliant. Seriously – it’s f-ing excellent. Salt is one of those magical natural wonders that has so many uses and benefits, from preserving food, adding flavour, containing important minerals, add in some cases, having great health benefits – including its disinfecting properties. Salt is a pretty amazing thing and you’ve no doubt used it at some point (probably many points) in your life.

But this isn’t a review on salt, this is a review on Lush’s Salt and Peppermint Bark. This particular bar is part of their Christmas collection, so it’s only available for a limited time!


The Salt and Peppermint Bark is probably one of the pricier products from their Christmas line, coming in at $14.95AUD per bar. It’s a square bar, and as you can see below it’s an almost sea green with chunks of red (let’s be honest it’s pink/orange at best) and white (kinda yellow though). I have to say, this product does not look at all like it does on the Lush website, and based on all the other bars that were in the store at the time of purchase, I can safely say that the majority of the bars aren’t as brightly coloured as they appear to be online. So there’s your warning if ordering online – product image is for illustrative purposes only. And a quick note to Lush – chill out on the colour enhancement, it’s still a pretty product even if it isn’t fluorescent IRL.

Ok, so now you know what it looks like. On to the details of the actual scrub bar. The bar’s key ingredients are fine sea salt and (organic fair trade) cocoa butter, that plus a few other ingredients and peppermint oil make up the bar. I would probably describe the sea salt as the key ingredient here, as that’s what gives the bar its exfoliating properties. It is a really good exfoliating tool, and one that I think would help many fake-tanners, as it removes dead skin but also moisturizes your skin thanks to the cocoa butter. I used this all over my body with mostly fantastic results. It was great on my arms and legs, but on my chest and neck it left a lot of small marks and scratches – so I would definitely skip any sensitive areas including your face!

When using this bar, you can just run the entire bar over your skin, the other option is to chip off a small amount and with a little water, turn it into a paste. The bar is meltable so this is pretty easy to do and can help with the irritation if you really really want to use it on any sensitive areas.

The one downside I found with this bar is that it doesn’t last very long. Using it 2-3 times a week should see it through 2-3 weeks, but if you also want to use it on anything that requires a lot of exfoliating (like your feet), you’ll find it doesn’t last that long.

Would I purchase it again?

Not too sure to be honest, it smells amazing (like peppermint if you haven’t guessed by the name) and it definitely works, but is it worth the cost? I don’t know. Could you make your own scrub out of fine sea salt and a little cocoa butter or coconut oil? Absolutely.

Its Christmas score?

3 out of 5 candy canes!



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