Review: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb by Lush

OMG guys, this bath bomb may be favourite so far from the Lush Christmas collection. It’s called the Golden Wonder, and lord does it ever live up to its name!


Golden Wonder is a present shaped bath bomb from Lush’s Christmas Collection. On the outside it’s yellow with a vein of blue running through (only on some of them, each one is little different!) and a big white bow on the top. As you can see, even in the bag it’s quite glittery. It’s a really lovely buttery yellow, but just wait til you drop it in the water – it doesn’t stay yellow long!


The design of this bath bomb is super duper pretty, it’s a big one too so it does cost a little more per bath bomb, at $8.50AUD a piece.


Now, when you drop this baby into the water, it does start turning the water yellow at first, but then this blue just starts erupting out of nowhere. As you can see in the video below, it’s a very vibrant and beautiful blue, and then you get a couple of little surprises when little bubbles of purple pop out of the bath bomb and go off on their own. It’s definitely well designed and unique. But that’s not all – I thought it was finishing up its fizzing fun, and then the whole thing seemed to suddenly drop to the bottom of the bath and I was all ‘WTF’. BUT THEN LITTLE STARS STARTED POPPING UP TO THE SURFACE! It was incredible, at first I thought they were those little plastic stars that you can get from craft stores, but they’re actually more little surprise pieces of bath bomb! They aren’t as soluble as the rest of it so they do float through the bath for a while, before eventually dissolving. I kept trying to pick one up but it didn’t quite work out for me.


Seriously, how cute are the stars!? Definitely impossible to pick up though.


The scent of this bath bomb is lovely, it’s a little champagne-like with orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil which gives it a bit of freshness. It’s a light scent and doesn’t overpower your senses, but it is incredibly relaxing.

The water colour is a true stunner, but the real winner is the glitter which moves through the water like golden clouds.


One thing about the glitter though – it definitely sticks to you and to your bath, I came out covered in glitter, and let me tell you it sticks to EVERYTHING, so uh, if glittery balls ever become a thing like glitter beards – the guys will be sorted simply by bathing in Golden Wonder.


Here’s a shot of my glitter-bombed arm, trust me when I say this photo does not do it justice.


Just be aware, it will stick to your bath when you drain it, as you can see above. I would definitely recommend giving your bath a really, really good rinse and wash after using this bath bomb.

Overall this is a fantastic product, I was really impressed with the look of the product, the scent, the fun little features, the price, and the overall experience of using it. Plus it’s vegan and of course animal-cruelty free.

How would I rate it?

5 out of 5 candy canes!



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