Review: Sephora Blemish-Fighting Roll-On Gel

Hands up anyone who’s ever had a pimple! Everyone? Yep, thought so. And who here hasn’t tried practically every serum, gel, face wash, mask and wipe to get rid of them? Yeah, me too.

Pimples and blemishes are a sad fact of life, and even more sadly, aren’t restricted to your teenage years. This basically means that if you find a product that works, you stick to it, potentially forever.

I’ve tried all the stuff by Garnier, Clean and Clear, and everyone else too, and some of them have worked, some haven’t. I’m always on the lookout for a great pimple destroyer, so when my last one ran out and I happened to be in Sephora, I took a chance on the Blemish-Fighting Roll-On Gel. This is actually a repurchase, I’ve almost finished my current tube!


The gel contains no parabens, it’s non-comedogenic (whatever that means), and it’s dermatologically tested. It also suits sensitive skin so it isn’t as strong as some blemish fighters which can occasionally do more harm than good. Like most pimple treatments it contains salicylic acid so it reduces the size and severity of imperfections after just 8 hours. But, salicylic acid can dry the skin out, so it also contains HydroSenn+™, so it moisturises your skin and won’t dry it out. The gel has a super-targeted roll-on applicator which also helps cool the skin.


I absolutely love this product, at the first sign of a pimple I pop this on and it disappears throughout the day or overnight if I apply it before bed. It works quickly and has a 10 month lifespan, but if you’re like me it won’t last you 10 months. It’s also made in France and is a high-quality product that I will definitely be purchasing again and again.

I couldn’t find it on the Sephora US or AUS online stores, but it is available in their actual stores.


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