Review: Yog Nog Bath Bomb

IMG_4571Yog Nog Yog Nog Yog Nog!!!! Yog Nog is by far my favourite Christmas soap by Lush, it is the most delightfully smelling soap, it’s soft and luscious and decadent, and leaves your skin so soft and moisturised. So of course when I spotted the bath bomb version I HAD to try it.

It has the same star prints as the soap, but not the nutmeg and cocoa dusting. The bath bomb is yellow with a white ring in the centre. Each one is made with love so they aren’t identical, and yes it might have a couple of imperfections and dings but that doesn’t mean it won’t do the job!

A token trademark of a Lush Christmas is glitter, and this bath bomb has just enough to give your skin a teensy bit of sparkle but won’t coat your bath in the stuff.


The Yog Nog Bath Bomb smells divine when you open the paper bag, just like the soap it’s sweet and toffee-scented, with soya yoghurt and ylang ylang to moisturise and soften your skin.

Plus, unlike the Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, the scent definitely stays with you when you’re in the bath and lingers on your skin for hours after, so you can enjoy the yog-noggy deliciousness for a long long time. Mmmm I still smell so good.  So so good.

When you drop it in the bath it immediately starts fizzing away and turning the water yellow. It ends up going a little green though, definitely not as much as the Father Christmas Bathbomb, but it’s still quite a nice colour and not too swampy. It does however make the water quite murky so you can’t see your legs or hands if you lie them flat on the bottom.



The best thing about this bath bomb is the centre, which is a solid ball of moisturising deliciousness. I wasn’t expecting it so when it got to the centre I thought the bath bomb had stopped fizzing for some reason and was a bit peeved, but when I picked it up it started melting in my hand so I crumbled it up and threw it back in the water. This gave the bath a lot of moisturising benefits.

I’ve been sunburned so I really needed that moisture and definitely appreciated it – it helped my skin a lot – but don’t use it on freshly burned skin, mine’s already been recovering for 2 weeks and it’s still peeling! Give you an idea of how badly I was burned?


The nitty gritty.

It costs $6.95AUD per bath bomb, and it’s vegan!

When to use it: Had a long week at work and need something soothing on a Friday night? Yep – this’ll do the trick.

Would I buy it again? YES YES YES YES

The score?

5/5 candy canes!



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