Halloween 2k15

Halloween is officially over for another year! Sad as that is, I wanted to share what happened this year.

At work we did a carnival theme, and I was a scary mime. I wore an all-black outfit and accessorised with bloody black and white fingerless gloves, a sequinned bow tie, and black and red suspenders. I topped off the look with a truly atrocious black and white wig. Below is me on my way to work, for my makeup I did a fairly simple look, just foundation, brows, mascara, and a whole lotta black eyeliner and eye shadow. I didn’t put on the wig until our company decoration judging, when I was promptly shoved and locked into our ticket booth and handed out tickets to ‘Carnival’. ‘No entry without a ticket’ quickly became my favourite phrase. The idea behind this look was just to be creepy – I didn’t want to be a traditional mime (how boring!).IMG_4464

Our work competition was the Friday before Halloween, so this year I also got to decorate my front yard and hand out candy all evening!

Here’s how me and my BFF decked out my place.




A couple weeks before Halloween I popped into the Reject Shop (a cheap dollar store in Australia – not sure if they exist overseas) and got about $30 of Halloween decorations. I got a fake bloody bandaged hand and foot, 4 fake tombstones, a packet of cobwebs with fake spiders, and a cardboard skull on a spike.

The morning of I went through my backyard and picked up a broke shovel, and 4 stakes – no idea why I have those or where they came from – but they worked great as vampire stakes!

I think my favourite decoration was this spooky little doorbell! I managed to scare my friend and a few little kids too!

My neighbourhood really turned up the decorations this year, lots of houses hung fake skeletons, spiders web, and body parts. I didn’t include any pics as they weren’t my houses and I didn’t want to mess with anyone else’s privacy.


The trick or treaters this year were insane! We had hundreds of kids come, and even though we bought about 20 bags of candy, we still ran out and had to put a sign on the door!


For my costume this year I decided to be French from Grease. I rocked a bright pink wig, a Pink Ladies jacket, and a ‘Tell Me About It, Stud’ t-shirt plus a pair of classic black high-waisted jeans. I got the jacket and t-shirt from Peter Alexander, surprisingly. The jacket is sold out everywhere except DFO at Homebush – and I got the last Small – how lucky! I topped of the look with some super simple make up. I didn’t use a heavy foundation, just translucent powder, plus I did my brows, added a little winged eyeliner, bronze eyeshadow and mascara. To really get the French look I used a pink lipliner and then added on some peachy lipgloss over the top.


It was probably one of the cutest and least scary costumes I’ve ever done, but I still loved it – that is until none of the kids knew who I was. That was a pretty depressing moment, it was hard no longer being part of the kids group, and becoming part of the parents group.

Whatever, I looked flawless and had a ton of fun. Grease IS the word.


Whoever you were and whatever you did on fright night, I hope you had a ball! Until next year, stay spooky sisters…


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