Review: Dashing Santa Bath Bomb


There’s nothing more Christmassy than a Lush bath product, expect maybe Santa – so a Santa shaped bath bomb from Lush should’ve been the ultimate Christmas product. Can you tell where this review is going yet?


A you can see, my bath bomb doesn’t look exactly like the one on the Lush website, but even so the Dashing Santa bath bomb is beautiful, the detailing is so pretty and the whole thing is just adorable. Don’t you just love his little hat and beard??


It’s a decent sized bath bomb which fits in your hand. The colouring is largely a rosy red with gold and white accents. In terms of detailing, Santa has a hat, eyes, beard, suit, gloves, boots, and sack. As pretty as this bath bomb is, its performance in the water ain’t so great.


As you can see in the video below, it started fizzing really slowly but it wasn’t dissolving properly. In the end I had to crumble it up in my hands under the water as more than half of it hadn’t dissolved.

Now, onto the scent. It smells lovely when it’s in the packaging, and when it’s dissolving, but the scent disappears very quickly once it’s all dissolved, which is a bit disheartening. Normally I find with the Lush bath bombs, melts, and bubble bars the scent sticks around the entire time you’re in the bath, and then lingers on your skin until you next bathe. Not this one! As soon as it finished dissolving I was all ‘where’s that gorgeous smell gone?!’.

So what is the scent? It’s very citrusy and fresh, with Mandarin, Orange Flower, and Bergamot. Overall it smells lovely, it’s very bright and uplifting – I just wish it lasted longer.


Dashing Santa turns the water a rosy orange colour, it’s very soft and pretty, but not so murky that you can’t see your skin through the water.


The nitty gritty.

It costs $6.25AUD apiece and it’s vegan-approved.


The verdict?

Pleasant while it lasted, if only it had lasted longer. 2/5 candy canes for you, Dashing Santa!



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