Get the Look: Edward Scissorhands

It’s almost Halloween!!! And you know what that means – the sexy, scary, creepy, and clueless costumes are coming out of the woodworks. So today, I’m showing you my look from last year. We decked out the office in spider webs and fake eyeballs and everyone in the team got dressed up. I went as Edward Scissorhands and completed the look with some creepy makeup and a fabulous wig.


The wig and costume are from CostumeBox. This is a really good costume and it’s good value too. It comes with the ‘dress’, the wig and the scissor hands. Now, it may technically be a dress, but oddly enough it barely covers your butt so I would definitely recommend wearing it with tights if you aren’t going for the sexy look.

I love the detailing on the costume, the harness is cool, the slits on the chest and the open shoulders give it a tiny bit of sex appeal without being inappropriate. The gloves are super cool too, if a little uncomfortable to wear all day at work!

For the wig, I had to pin sections of it back for work as it definitely falls all over your face in a very Edward Scissorhands fashion – but not exactly ideal when you’re trying to focus on your computer screen instead of spending all day shoving hair out of our face.

For the make up, I did a test version and an on-the-day version which came out a little differently.


Above is the test version. To create this I used a bunch of grey eyeshadows to give my eyes a dead look, but I felt like it came out more zombie than Edward Scissorhands. For my scars I used black eyeliner. I topped off the look with a little contour as Edward has those beautiful could-cut-glass cheekbones which I most certainly don’t.


I also chiselled out my nose, but let’s be honest it didn’t look too great. I finished it off with some black lipstick and threw on the wig and made a creepy face. Welcome to Halloween!


Above is my on-the-day look. I used bronze and brown shadows to give my eyes a sunken-in feeling, used the same eyeliner for the scars and contoured my cheekbones, nose and forehead. Instead of just using black lipstick on the day, I layered on my favourite red and then topped it off with the black, which turned it the colour above, which is an almost greyish purple.

For work this year I’m going as a murderous mime as we’re doing a freakshow carnival theme, but I’m not sure what I’m going to be on the hallowed day itself, I’m decking out my front yard as a graveyard but for some reason I really want to go as a pirate. Are zombie pirates a thing?!


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