Review: Garmin Vivofit

I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he’s my witness! And by ‘he’ I mean the Garmin Vivofit of course.

Fitness gadgets are all the rage, from clip on pedometers like the Fitbit Zip to ‘smart’ scales to smart watches and wrist bands. Pretty much everyone at every gym has one, seen a jogger or a cyclist lately? Yep, they’re wearing a fitness tracker. But are they making us fitter and healthier?


About a year ago I bought the Garmin Vivofit off Amazon for $88AUD after my mom stole my Fitbit Zip. I’d researched a bunch of different fitness trackers and the reviews on the Vivofit were exceptional.

The nitty gritty.

  • It’s water resistant up to 50m – it’s much better than the Fitbit which isn’t water resistant and apparently gives some people rashes when they swear. Yikes! Not exactly ideal for a fitness tracker that you’re supposed to wear when you work out and you know, sweat.
  • The battery lasts for a year without charges. Yes it’s only a year, but it’s a year without having to charge it or change a battery. My old Fitbit Zip’s battery has to be changed every couple of months – lame!
  • The Vivofit displays a red bar for every hour of inactivity, but you can get rid of the bars by walking or running around. But the good thing is you can’t get rid of them by shaking your arm around – so no cheating! As you can see below, I’ve had a super lazy day.IMG_4403
  • The band displays your steps, calories, kilometres (or miles) walked, your step goal, and the standard time and date so it doubles as a watch.
  • The Vivofit syncs with the app via Bluetooth, the only bad thing is that it doesn’t sync automatically like the Fitbit does.
  • You can track your progress via the Garmin Connect app, which displays all your data and your personal info so you can track any weight loss you may be trying to achieve.


  • The Vivofit itself only comes in black, but the bands come in a range of colours, including black, blue, purple, green, red and slate.

I’m not sure if you can replace the battery once it runs out after a year or if you have to replace the entire thing, but I’m pretty keen to get the Vivofit 2 next, or maybe even the new Huawei smart watch or the Apple Watch!

The Vivofit 2 has recently arrived, and in addition to all the functions of the previous model, the Vivofit 2 also tracks your heart rate and gives you an audible alert when you’re inactive for more than an hour. Not too sure if I like the idea of audible alerts, that would get pretty annoying at work.


2 thoughts on “Review: Garmin Vivofit

  1. nannygrannie says:

    hi there! I have a question regarding the vivofit. I’m wondering whether the app separates steps walked and steps ran. I’m hoping it tells me how many steps I’ve run and then how many I’ve walked. Hoping you can help before I buy 🙂 Thank you!


    • inezamy says:

      Hi nannygrannie! Thanks for your question. I’ve just had a look through the app and the Vivofit doesn’t seem to record running steps, it does have a peak activity times tracker which shows your most active times of day. I think the Garmin Forerunner has run vs walk data capacity so I would suggest having a look at that. Let me know how you go! 🙂


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