Review: Coles Peppermint Bark

Dark chocolate, white chocolate and candy canes. What more could you want in a Christmas candy?

Peppermint bark, according to Wikipedia, is “a chocolate confection. Generally it consists of peppermint candy pieces, such as candy canes, in white chocolate on top of dark chocolate, but peppermint bark can refer to any chocolate with peppermint candy pieces in it.” In its design its quite similar to peanut brittle, you make it in a sheet and then snap it into lots of pieces.


Today I’m reviewing the Coles home brand Peppermint Bark, which is available exclusively at Coles from September to I’m guessing December.

It costs $5AUD for a 220g box, which is a little bit pricey in my opinion. Now lets start talking about the layers from the top down.


The candy canes embedded into the chocolate are pretty decent, they’re your standard cheap Christmas candy canes – if you don’t like candy canes don’t buy this stuff, they still get stuck in your teeth and have the same crunch as a full-sizes candy cane.

The white chocolate layer is pretty good, I really like white chocolate so it works for me, but the flavour is really strong so if you’re not a white chocolate fan – again – don’t buy it.

The dark chocolate layer was, in my opinion, a complete let down. I feel like the quality of the chocolate could have been a lot better and it tastes super fake.

I also feel like the white and dark chocolate layers separate really easily so you end up eating them separately 😦


This particular brand of peppermint bark is made in Australia and carries a health star rating of 0.5 out of 5. YAY HEALTH. Let’s be honest, if you’re expecting this stuff to be healthy, you’re not heading down the right route.

Overall it’s not bad, but not worth the price tag, you could probably make your own for the same price and it would probably taste better.

The score? 3 out of 5 candy canes.


Looking to make your own peppermint bark? Here’s a couple of recipes to get you started.

From Food Network.

From – this site asked for my location about 50 times – be warned!

From Sally’s Baking Addiction.

From Martha Stewart – this one’s white chocolate only!

Last but not least, Betty Crocker – again white chocolate only.

I think this could also be really good with only dark chocolate – to make it every so slightly better for you.


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