Review: Kat Von D Immortal Lash Mascara

If there’s ever been a staple make up item that every girl has – it’s mascara. Whenever I can’t be bothered doing a full face of make up, and especially in summer, I’ll put on a little powder and mascara and that’s it. It’s just enough to make you feel done up but not like you’ve put in any real effort.

As you may know, I didn’t particularly like the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, so yesterday I went for a little look around Sephora for a new mascara that I hopefully wouldn’t hate. As you should know by now, I love the Kat Von D range which sadly is available exclusively at Sephora in Australia, which generally means that the prices are super high as they have no need to price competitively. I went straight for the Kat Von D section and had a peek at the Immortal Lash Mascara.


Immortal Lash claims to be a 24 hour mascara which will last all day and all night. It doesn’t say whether or not it’s waterproof on the packaging or on the website, but I’m assuming that it is if it claims to last 24 hours.

It has a long-wear formula which coats your lashes evenly and gives them some volume. It’s an ‘ultra black’ colour, whatever that might mean, which darkens your lashes and gives them a dramatic look.

I personally think that most mascara formulas are pretty much the same, for me the true test of a mascara is the brush it comes with. The brush is crucial for me because the shape, the number or bristles, the type and texture of bristles, and the length of the wand all make a big difference to its application.

On application, the formula is quite thick and dries quickly – always a plus for those of us who are a little twitchy or have the worst habit of accidentally sneezing right after applying their mascara. Hands up anyone who’s given themselves panda eyes, said FML, and started all over again?

The Immortal Lash brush is the first of its kind, it’s a silicone ‘Power Spiral’ brush with a flexible wand which allows it to hug each of your lashes and distribute product evenly from base to tip, and from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. The one negative thing I have to say is that the picture on the box and online is a little deceptive, there definitely aren’t as many bristles on it IRL.

Where’s it made: Italy!

Price: $29AUD – pretty pricey when compared to drug store mascaras.

Overall, a good mascara – it’s a pretty decent sized tube but still potentially not worth the price. Packaging is stunning as always, the tube is covered in metallic red roses and has the KVD logo on the cap. So pretty.


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