Review: Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I have very mixed feelings about this mascara. When I first bought it I was so excited to see if it would make a real difference to my lashes, and with the obscene price tag, it really should have been perfect from day one. But it wasn’t. Oh lord was it a nightmare in the beginning.

First off, let’s start with the wand. The spokes (is that what they’re called??) are so short and stumpy, that you have to be insanely careful that you don’t stab yourself in the eye. I have stabbed myself in the eye many times using that effing wand, and consequently destroyed both my eye makeup and my foundation. It has taken me many uses to master the wand, and even now if I twitch or flinch or blink – bye bye beautiful.

Next up is the mascara itself. The product doesn’t smell too chemically, which is always good. In terms of consistency, it’s quite runny – which hopefully means it will take longer to dry out! The mascara is actually pretty good, it does lengthen and darken your lashes, but frankly the wand kills it.

I’ve seen so many positive reviews on this mascara, and it is pretty good, but not worth the $40-$50 price tag.


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