Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade & Brush

Brows brows brows. Eyebrows seem to be the hot beauty thing of the moment. Skinny eyebrows are out, thick eyebrows are in. No more can you have a full face of makeup and undone brows, this is now considered a beauty sin of the highest order. Personally I think this is a load of crap and no one should be forced to wear any makeup of any kind – if you want to do your eyebrows, go ahead, if you don’t want to wear any makeup, go ahead, if you want to do everything except your eyebrows, go ahead. Makeup is a personal preference, not mandatory.

Now, time to stop the yammering and get to the reviewing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cult brand for brow products. In all fairness it’s the first brow product I’ve ever tried so please bear in mind that I have absolutely nothing to compare it to. I went into Sephora keen to try out whatever their staff recommended, and with absolutely no knowledge of what the best brands were, or whether pencils, pomade or gel were the best products to use. As a result I was happy to go with whatever I was recommended.

Anastasia Beverly Hills was the first product shown to me, it came highly recommended and I was told that it was a bit of a crowd favourite. The brand showcases a range of brow pencils, tints, gels, primers, powders, pomades and serum. They have an incredibly strong product offering, which I suspect is part of their appeal, and all the products come in a range of colours so you can match your brow colour. That said, I think if you want an exact match the best product is the powder duo, as you’ll be able to mix the shades to get just the right one. I colour my hair so if my brows don’t match it’s no biggie, but for many people having brows that are too dark or too light can be frustrating. On that note, one of the best things about getting help at Sephora when choosing products is that they always give you the option of checking out how the shade looks on you in natural lighting. Most of us don’t have the good fortune of always being in one type of lighting, so natural lighting is the best one to test with.

The pomade was the product suggested to me, and not knowing any better I went with it. It was billed as ‘the most natural looking’, and as that was what I was going for, I had no issues with it. The Sephora specialist did both my brows, and when I looked in the mirror I was floored by how amazing and natural they looked! They didn’t look overdone or too heavy, they worked with my face shape and the natural shape of my brows, and the colour was an exact match – for reference I use the colour ‘Blonde’. I was so impressed with this product that I immediately said yes – I even asked what brush she used and if I could get that too, turns out it was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12.

I’m one of those people who gets their makeup or hair done and it looks awesome, but when I try to replicate it, it just turns into a giant fail. I was quite sceptical when I first used this myself at home. TBH I did use a little too much product so they were slightly darker than intended, but they didn’t look bad and the darkness wasn’t noticeable or odd-looking. The brush shaped my brows beautifully and frankly, it really make my entire makeup look.

The brush and pomade were pretty pricey, coming in at around $35AUD each, those lucky kids in the US only have to pay $18 each – so jealous. Even so, for me they were definitely worth it, and while I don’t do my eyebrows every time I wear make up, it definitely makes a big difference. Love it!


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