Review: Beauty Blender & Blotterazzi

Ah, the Beautyblender, you’ve taken the beauty world by storm. But what are you? A sponge. What makes you special? Is it your shape? Your bright pink colour? Your material? Or is it the fact that you don’t absorb all of my fountain like most makeup sponges?

For me, it’s all of it. This miracle sponge has made my foundation application a breeze. It makes it super quick, super easy, and I look so damn flawless.

The Beautyblender is admittedly a pricey sponge, from memory mine was $34 at the Sephora store in Sydney. But I think it’s worth it.

The egg-shaped design means you can get into every bit of your face with ease, and get great coverage. The pointy end makes it easy to apply makeup underneath and around your eyes, and touch up little smudges, while the larger surface lets you cover the forehead and cheeks quickly.

The sponge expands considerably when you wet it – when I first bought it I thought it was a total ripoff because it was so tiny. I also thought the teeny tiny size meant it would take me forever to apply my foundation. When I tried it for the first time, the Beautyblender expanded to about twice its size once I doused it in water. It does absorb quite a bit but squeezing out the excess is easy.

Here’s a pic of me all beauty blended and flaaaaaawless.



Now, on to the Blotterazzi. Again, a glorified and expensive sponge. But still, a great product. It does exactly what it says it will, which is remove excess oil without removing or smearing your makeup. I use it to quickly fix my face when I’m on the train, heading out after work, or during work when my face has had it and looks like I dunked my head into a Macca’s deep fryer. The Blotterazzi comes in its own little carry case, which has a built-in mirror. You also get two in the pack, which means that if one’s dirty, you can use the other while you’re washing that one.

Both the Beautyblender and Blotterazzi can and should be cleaned using their special cleaner, which removes both makeup and oil easily.


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