Social Media: Pros & Cons

Working in social media is very different to using social media. The most obvious difference is that you get paid for it, instead of getting in trouble for using it at work. But you also have to deals with the trolls a LOT more. You’ll lose faith in humanity pretty quickly if you aren’t an eternal optimist AND very thick skinned.

That said, working in social is amazing, you get to do a lot of different things, and every day is different. No two campaigns are the same, and reading peoples’ comments can be really entertaining. It’s also very rewarding to see people responding positively to ads, most people hate seeing product pushes in their newsfeed, so its pretty nice to get some love.
Getting into social isn’t as easy as it seems, you won’t get to run a multi-nationals Facebook page just because you spend all day on your own. Chances are, you’ll need a university degree in marketing, and you’ll start off as an intern or a junior. I started off as a casual, working a few hours a week on a Facebook page with about 150 fans, but I was passionate and it showed, my next job I worked across all the platforms for a start up, including dabbling in eDM. Now I’m working at a big company, working across 3 well-known brands. I’ve gotten to make a ton of creative changes and changed how the brand is perceived on social.


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