Lip Collection: Gloss

Glossy or matte? For me, gloss always wins, I find matte lips just don’t work. I suffer from eternally dry lips, and in this freakishly cold winter Sydney’s having, I end up looking like a cadaver when I try matte lips.

This piece is all about my admittedly small gloss collection, stay tuned for balms and lipsticks!

I’m going from left to right, and will link to all the ones that are still available – some of these are pretty old!

First off the bat is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transferproof Lip Tint + Balm in shade 100 Endless Blossom. This is a duo product, on one end is a super sticky balm, on the other a rosy pink marker style applicator. To apply this product, use the marker end first on clean, dry lips, and add the balm once dry to add shine and moisture. Personally I find the colour pretty, but it dries out your lips and unfortunately does transfer onto clothes and skin. Pro tip: it won’t last you 1000 kisses no matter what you do.
Where’s it made? Germany!
I got this years ago, and couldn’t find it for sale anywhere but Amazon and eBay.

Next up, Butter London’s Lippy lipgloss in Disco Biscuit. This hot pink sticky mess with slight shimmer is actually a pretty subtle colour once applied, and it gives a nice sheen without making everything and anything stick to your lips.
Where’s it made? The USA!
The full range of Butter London lip products is available on their site, but you can also find a selection of their stuff at the Co-op, on Amazon, and Ulta.
Miley Mac Lipglass
Here’s comes my personal favourite, the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Tinted Lipglass. I love this super shimmery, bright pink gloss. I won’t lie, I rang the Sydney Mac stores almost every day for the month before this was released (they could never provide a solid launch date). I love that every cent of the selling price goes toward helping people living with HIV/AIDS, and that they come out with a fresh new campaign every year.
Where’s it made? Canada!
The Lipglass and Lipstick are available at Mac.

Ah, Victoria’s Secret – gotta love it. The Victoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Flavoured Gloss in Strawberry Fizz is a sweet-smelling, glitter-filled tube of goodness.
Where’s it made? The USA!
I couldn’t find the Shiny Kiss range on the VS website, but the Beauty Rush range looks like the updated version, and you can find it here.

Next is my little sample tube of Lancome Paris’ Juicy Tubes – no idea what the colour is! I’ve had this one for years, and as you can see, its barely been used. It’s not that I don’t like the colour, the soft pink is actually quite pretty; and its not that I don’t like its glittery goodness, it’s cute without making you look like a fairy. I don’t like that applicator, those squeezy ones drive me crazy, I always end up with a clump on the corner of my mouth – not so cute.
Where’s it made? France!
You can find the full range at Lancome USAMyerDavid Jones, and eBay.

Last, and lets be honest, least, is Mac Lipglass in shade PRRR A71. This colour is pretty bland, has a subtle shimmer, and doesn’t suit my complexion at all. Why do I have it? I got it as part of a gift.
Where’s it made? Canada!
There are plenty of shades available here.

May your lips always be glossy (glitter optional)!


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